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Authentic Chicago-Style Favorites With A Southwestern Attitude

Introducing Downtown Durango's newest spot to grab a quick and delicious meal, right at College and Main.  Durango resident and Chicago native, Matty Boyle, is shipping in some of the famous flavors found only in the "Windy City" and serving them right here.  He's even added a Southwestern touch to some of the classic items, that truly make "Hot Fire Dogs" a new favorite for locals and a dining-destination spot for visitors  of the "Four Corners".


Chicago Authenticity, Right at College and Main!

After graduating college in a small town in Illinois, Matty Boyle decided to take his professional skills to the big city.  In 2005, he moved to a small apartment in "Wrigleyville".  It's a vibrant and bustling neighborhood, right in the heart of Chicago.  Most importantly, it's a place where Chicago Cubs baseball fans come to live, just be close to historic Wrigley Field.   It's also where Matty, owner of Downtown Durango, CO's newest food spot, "Hot Fire Dogs", fell in love with Chicago-style hot dogs and his personal favorite, Italian beef sandwiches.

All these years later, and after living in several different areas of the country, in 2019 Matty settled in Durango.  Unfortunately, the one thing that just couldn't be replaced, and he missed everyday, was the amazing food from Chicago.  So in 2021, he thought to himself, "why not bring some of those amazing flavors here to Durango?"  That's exactly what he did.  Not only will he get to enjoy the delicious flavors from the "Windy CIty", everyone else can too!  Both locals and tourists alike, now get to experience an authentic, Chicago-style hot dog and Italian beef stand.  "Hot Fire Dogs" serves exclusively, Chicago's very own, world famous, Vienna Beef.  Nothing compares to the incredible, mouth-watering flavor of Vienna Beef, and it's right here now in Downtown Durango, CO.



One thing that everyone who lives in Durango or has visited, can agree on, is that finding some good grub after 8 or 9pm, is nearly impossible--UNTIL NOW!  "Hot Fire Dogs" is open late every night, and on the weekends (Thurs, Fri, Sat), until 2:30am!  Every other night of the week, at least until midnight.

Monday - Wednesday


Thursday - Saturday



"Hot Fire Dogs" is located at the busiest intersection in Downtown Durango, CO, at College Dr. (aka 6th St.) and Main Ave.  Easily accessible on foot or by car, from all Downtown Durango hotels and attractions.  Conveniently located underneath the "Balcony Bar & Grill", so make sure you stop up there and catch some live tunes and grab a drink before or after you crush some "HFD".